About Us

Origin of Rice Dumpling

Zongzi (in Mandarin) or Bak Chang is a traditional Chinese rice dumpling. It is most popular around the Dragon Boat Festival.

The story surrounding Rice Dumpling is tied to a famous poet, Qu Yuan. He lived during the Chu dynasty, towards the end of the period of the warring Kingdoms from 476 BC to 221 BC) tried to warn the king and his fellow countrymen of the expansion of the neighboring Qin Kingdom with near failure.

When the capital of the Chu kingdom fell to a Qin general, the patriotic Qu Yuan was supposedly so overcome with grief that he drowned himself in the Miluo River. The Chu people threw packets of rice in to the river to keep the fish from feeding on the poet’s body.

The process of making it is truly an art and takes many cumbersome steps, from purchasing the ingredients, to preparation, to frying, folding and steaming/boiling. For Malaysian families, everyone gets involved in making Zongzi for the festival, and each person has their own role and individual strength or skill, for instance folding the bamboo leaves with stuffing and tying them up. We appreciate and respect each other roles, even those of the children. When I was a kid I was delighted eating Zongzi after witnessing and taking part in the hours and hours of work it took to make them.

Our Little Story

Our grandmother started the business in 1969 from her Kuih and Rice dumpling. She started small, naturally, selling from house to house to house in Taiping with her seven children including my mother.

This continued until all the kids grew up and left to pursue their separate lives. However, every year, the family organizes a seven-day Dumpling festival booth to sell the dumplings. It is like a second Chinese year for us, those magical seven days.

Surprisingly, after just three hours, they sold over 2000 pieces.

Pass it on...

We put our hearts into the production of these dumplings because it means so much to our family. We guarantee that they are a hundred percent of the highest quality.

Our number one goal is to deliver the best quality rice dumpling, bringing love from our family to your kitchen and deliciousness to your tongue.