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Grandma Style 

Ming Rice Dumpling 

is back!

This year we are launching more flavours to satisfy your taste bud. Find out more.

Healthy and delicious, yum! now that’s an unbeatable combination. Our rice dumpling is both and more. We make sure of this by sourcing ingredients locally. This way, we support local businesses and ensure that they are one hundred percent fresh from the farm.

No one likes stale food, we take that into serious consideration. We ensure that your rice dumpling order is prepared under twenty-four hours, never longer. We don’t stop there, we use vacuum packed to ensure that your dumpling remains fresh after refrigeration, up to ninety days. 

We take extra care in cleaning our utensils and the ingredients. This is to prevent the appearance of a gross object in your food. In fact, this is the area we pay most attention to. We have high standards here because, well, we have to eat our food too.

When you taste our dumpling, your taste buds will explode with a barrage succulent, rich flavors. Flavors that existed ages ago that we have learned to adapt, passed down to us by our grandmother. We apply her authentic craftsmanship to each rich dumpling to ensure the satisfaction of every customer..

this is our recipe for success

  • Fresh ingredients, always!
  • Handmade and traditional taste.
  • Never forget our roots. Keep the tradition alive!

100% Natural

Freshly Made & Sealed 

No Preservative

No Artificial Flavouring

Less Oil, Less Sodium

Beautifully Packed for Gift


Made with Love

Our Rice Dumpling

Authentic & traditional taste


👑 Signature Hokkien Style 👑

Rice Dumpling

Glutinous Rice | Pork | Salted Egg Yolk | Shitake Mushroom

Our all time favourite! Made with our grandma traditional secret recipe, cooked with passion & love definitely. 



Millet Rice Dumpling

Millet | Pork | Salted Egg Yolk | Shitake Mushroom

This must be heaven for health conscious foodie. This special formulated healthy version rice dumpling not only suitable for stomach sensitive people, it also surprise you with the robust taste of rice dumpling.



Glutinous Rice | Pork | Mung Bean | Salted Egg Yolk

You might be deceive by the look of this rice dumpling. The grainy mung bean texture increase the food sensation in your mouth. You will surprise how simple ingredients can blend well with each other so much


NYONYA STYLE Rice Dumpling

Glutinous Rice | Butterfly Pea Flower | Pork | Dried Winter Melon

Just the look of this beautiful rice dumpling will make your heart melt. The disctinct sweet and savoury taste of this rice dumpling will elevate your taste bud in every way.


Golden Red Bean Rice Dumpling (Kee Chang)

Glutinous Rice | Alkaline Water | Red Bean | Sugar

Have sweet tooth craving? I bet you will love this! The natural sweetness of the red bean inside the gooey yellow glutinous rice will make you want more.

Our not-so-secret

Secret Ingredients

Nothing special. We just cook with lot's of love❤️

GLUTINOUS RICE offers distinctly unique sweet aroma and flavor. The chewy and slightly crunchy texture are absolutely irreplaceable in a rice dumpling. It leaves the grains individual, kissed with our secret sauce to produce a heavenly fragrance.

Another standard we strive to maintain is in the purchase of TOP GRADE PORK. Health is taken into consideration as we carefully choose a perfect meat to fat ratio. The meat is juicy, tender and succulent with every bite imbued in our dumpling.

SALTED DUCK EGG YOLK probably takes the cake from all the other ingredients. It has a rich, opulent taste with a grainy oily texture guaranteed to increase the sensation in your tongue.

Our grandmother generated this SECRET SAUCE since 1969. It has been passed on since then. Our sauce contains five sauce powder soy sauce, pepper, salt, oyster all mixed with lots of love.

CHESTNUT comes with a floury texture following with a natural sweet flavor. After cooking, chestnut leaves a smooth buttery taste inside the dumpling.

In order to draw out that sweet umami and seafood taste, this PREMIUM DRIED SHRIMP* plays a major role.

The umami flavor is found in the SHITAKE MUSHROOM. We ensure that the flavor is released by soaking the mushroom. They act as the perfect meat disguise texture in the rice dumpling.

The natural edible BAMBOO LEAVES retain the fresh earthy fragrance and will simmer along with the rice dumpling creating a traditional yet unique aroma.

Note: Each flavour has different ingredients.

How it made?

Our definition of heaven is our rice dumpling. With one bite, your taste buds burst into beautiful succulent colors. When all the ingredients come out to play, it is sweet and sensational, you cannot wait to devour everything. However, preparing one is laborious. Let's see! Check out this video for behind the scene.



All the top grade ingredients are sourced from our local suppliers and vetted for freshness. Each ingredient is carefully washed, cleaned and every unwanted part is properly disposed.



With the secret sauce, stir fried pork, glutinous rice, dried mushroom for juicy fragrance. Each of them has to be wrapped by a professional sifu for a perfect beautiful pyramid. It cannot be too lose or too tight. Wrapping our dumpling can only be considered a work of art and we pay attention to every detail. The wrapped dumpling is cooked at a perfect temperature for four hours.


Packing & Delivery

We double check for smell, best shape and even taste. After that we will vacuum seal and pack the rice dumplings. Then, we will have postman ship it directly to your doorstep.

Curated GIFT SET

Presentable & Unique Gift Wrap for Your Rice DUmpling

We not only take care of the taste of rice dumpling, we care about aesthetic look too. All our rice dumplings are packed with premium furoshiki wrap cloth or standard packaging box, depending the option you choose. We even go for extra mile by handwriting your message to him/her. 

All of these are COMPLIMENTARY for every purchase. Why? We just want to make everyone happy and spread love to this world🥰

*Gift wrap and box are first come first serve basis.

Our Price

Single Flavour


Standard Gift Set

Start from



  • 4 pieces of your choice of rice dumpling (Signature /Cantonese / Millet / Nyonya)
  • 'How-to-eat' manual
  • Handwritten greeting card
  • Standard gift box
Multi Flavour

万“粽”一心 or 四季平安

Premium Gift Set

Start from



  • Assorted flavour rice dumpling
  • 'How-to-eat' manual
  • Handwritten greeting card
  • Premium Peranakan Furoshiki gift wrap with handmade rattan basket

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee.

We put our hearts into the production of these dumplings because it means so much to our family. We guarantee that they are a hundred percent of the highest quality. Our number one goal is to deliver the best quality rice dumpling, bringing love from our family to your kitchen and deliciousness to your tongue. However, in the rare event that you are not satisfied, clearly state your complaint. We will replace or refund within three days of delivery.


What They Say about Ming?

The Zong Zi is yummy and loaded with lots of ingredient in every bite. I actually leave it for a few days before eating. The taste is still fresh. I guess vacuum sealed is bonus point.

MAY CHEN (Housewife)

PERFECT! Everything is just in nice proportion. It's not too guilty to have one after my PT session.

ROBERT TAN (Fitness Trainer)

and so much more happy customers...


  • If you think glutinous rice is unhealthy then you have been grossly misled. It is actually great at regulating diabetes, preventing chronic diseases, reduce inflammation and optimize digestion.
  • Shrimp is also the best source of iodine which is not exactly abundant in other foods. Iodine is an important mineral that several people are deficient in which is terrible because it is needed for proper thyroid function and brain health.
  • Chestnut contains fibre which helps to maintain GI health, lower LDL and contribute to a healthy weight by filling a person up.
  • Do you know BBC reported that researchers analyzed over a thousand raw foods and discovered that pork lard is among the top ten foods that balance a person’s daily nutritional requirements? Cool, right?
  • Shitake mushrooms contain great antioxidants that are distinctive with mushrooms, Ergothioneine is one is such antioxidants, it has been recognised by scientists as the ‘master’ And it is found in our dumpling, isn’t that great? It is.

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